Laini Taylor at Bookworks

I am sooooooo excited tonight! Because tomorrow, I’ll drive to Albuquerque, and listen to Young Adult author Laini Taylor talk shop at Bookworks!!!! (A book store I have never visited before– another cause for excitement!)

Here is Laini Taylor, the pink-haired author of one of my favorite books everDaughter of Smoke and Bone:

Laini Taylor








And here is the book that is debuting tomorrow, the third book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy:










I LOVE that cover!! I think it’s the best cover of all three books! Days of Blood and Starlight (the second book in the trilogy) had a great cover, but this one is just so… so WOW. Karou looks so badass on this cover!! Like I-am-going-to-mess-you-up-and-eat-your-liver badass. It’s insanely awesome.

Laini Taylor is such an amazing writer. I can’t wait to meet her! I’m writing a letter to give her tonight, letting her know how awesome I think she is. I might also drive to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, here on Main Street, to buy some dark chocolate truffles to gift her, along with this letter.

I know she probably won’t eat them (would you eat chocolate truffles from a stranger?) but I still want to give her something because her books are So Damn Inspiring. On a plot level, on a character level, on a sentence level. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is simply perfection, so I’d like to give Laini something to honor the fact that I Totally Adore Her Work.

I just have this problem with spazzing out when I meet authors I’m gaga for.

Like the time I met Michael Ondaatje.

He was in charge of selecting films for the Telluride Film Festival a few years ago, so I paid this crazy sum of money (like, $300.00 or something) for a Telluride Film Festival pass, just so I could see Michael Ondaatje.

Yeah, I know. That’s a bit psycho. Especially considering how he wasn’t giving a reading or anything, or talking books, he was there to select films and discuss High Film Culture. (Which I don’t even pretend to understand… though I adore reading film criticism… even if the stuff at the Telluride Film Festival is way over my head.)

But back to Michael Ondaatje:










I carried his Booker-prize winning novel, The English Patient, in my backpack the first time I went to India (in college), and that book was like, my Bible. Like something so sacred, I might as well have been carrying the ashes of Buddha or the necklace of Saint Peter in my bag. Holding that book, even now, feels sacred to me.

So what did I do when I finally met Michael Ondaatje?

Did I speak to him? Did I tell him how much I love his work?

No, of course not.

I did manage to approach him. I walked up to him after his film talk in the courthouse. I stood in front of him, I shook his hand. I think I managed to smile.

Then I fled the room… and started crying before I even made it out of the building. Not “tears of pain” crying– no, these were like, tears of joy, and too much emotion, and too much awe, and all of that embarrassing stuff. These were like, “I can’t believe I just TOUCHED Michael Ondaatje!” tears.

I have mad skills at embarrassing myself. Like crying because I touched someone. Seriously.

So God only knows what I’ll come up with when I meet Laini Taylor. I know I won’t cry (because I don’t carry her book around like the ashes of Buddha), but I really, really love her book, and that means I will probably babble and gush and nonsense will come out of my mouth.

But such is life. Really great writers and really great writing has the ability to reduce me to incoherent mush (or complete silence). So here’s hoping I don’t embarrass myself too badly! And maybe writing a letter first will help me not to babble so much!

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