The Etiquette of Wolves


Shame thrives in secrecy. And so does corruption.

Every August before classes start, the fraternity Alpha Tau hosts a party called Summer Premiere. Only the sisters of Beta Lambda ever attend. After the party, the Beta sisters go home. But this year, one of them is dumped in the river. Eight men walk away. They disappear in the woods of upstate New York. And a university student is framed for murder.

Two years later, a girl named Jimmy Fairchild arrives on campus. She plans to major in chemistry and join the golf team. Finding a boyfriend doesn’t rank high on her list. And pledging a Greek house full of rich party girls? Sounds like torture. Jimmy’s Roommate from Hell, however, makes it clear she has two goals in life: join the sorority Beta Lambda and marry a boy in Alpha Tau.

When dirty secrets are out in the open, someone has to be smart enough to outthink the lies. Before anyone else is locked away in a dark little room. In a place used to screams. Where bodies are never meant to be found.


This novel can be purchased here on Amazon, here on Smashwords, or here at Barnes & Noble. E-book price is $2.99. A paperback edition is available on Amazon at the link here. The list price for the paperback edition of this novel is $17.99, but Amazon might have the book listed for a lower sale price on any given day.

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