Bloodshade of the Goddess

cover-v10Eloise Assad never wanted to spend eternity as a corpse. But two years after waking up as a vampire, Eloise wields powerful magic, sleeps in graves, and lives with a tiny pixie determined to annoy her forever.

Turned against her will, Eloise has dedicated her undead life to helping innocent people avoid the same fate. Instead of joining a coven of vampires, Eloise has sided with their sworn enemies. She slays monsters and stakes her own kind alongside the human magicians who’ve done so for centuries. To keep safe from the bounty hunters who profit from the sale of vampire blood—a curative liquid worth millions to the right buyer—Eloise poses as a human witch in society, her true identity known to only a handful of close friends.

In the modern world, protecting innocent life has never been harder. Ocean levels are rising, coastal cities are flooding, and the United States is dealing with climate change refugees, homeless citizens on the move. These people make easy targets for monsters, and as many of them seek shelter in Senna, Colorado, the monsters keep arriving in town along with them.

As Eloise and her teammates fight for their lives, Eloise must confront nightmares and secrets, terror and lies, forbidden love and a fate worse than death, as she struggles to outwit an enemy who is always three steps ahead—only to find herself caught in one final trap. Outnumbered, weaponless, and stripped of the use of her magic, Eloise has to face the hard truth that she will never save the people she loves unless she becomes a true monster, and the most ruthless vampire in the room is herself.

Bloodshade of the Goddess is available as a FREE ebook on Smashwords at the link here. You can also purchase the ebook for $2.99 from Amazon here. Or purchase the ebook for your Nook for $2.99 from Barnes & Noble at the link here.

At some point in the future, I would like to make this book available in paperback. Hopefully by December of 2017, that might be possible.