Love and Student Loans and Other Big Problems

Love&LoansFvrgbMary Jane Logan graduates from college and finds herself back at Square One: no money, no job, no prospects. She has three younger siblings to care for, student loans to pay back, and a documentary project she might never film.When her best friend died senior year, Mary Jane lost more than her friend—she lost sight of her dreams. While she struggles to pay the bills, the word failure keeps pounding through her head. She isn’t using her degree. She’s washing dishes, waiting tables, scraping by. Then a strange man appears in her life. A man with silver eyes like a leopard and a grin like the devil when the devil plays poker. He looks at Mary Jane and he does not see a failure. Mary Jane looks at him and all she sees is trouble. This man is certainly trouble, more than Mary Jane could have guessed. Torn between her family, her dreams, and her own need for love, Mary Jane must decide what she wants in her life, and how much she’s willing to risk for what matters most.

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