Mark of the Pterren


Four hundred years in the future, a warrior race of winged humans called pterren have taken over the earth. Originally created by the United States military, the pterren have never considered themselves human. They are violent and brutal, worship an almighty deity that sanctifies genocide, and their kingdoms are ruled with corruption and terror. When a young pterren prince named Terrence Davin is crowned the High King of Mirador, his heretical views drive a wedge between the most powerful members of his court. Amidst the fractures and bloodshed of intrigue and rebellion, lies and betrayal, the structure of pterren society is about to be shaken, as Terrence confronts the corruption terrorizing his people, and sets the Kingdom of Mirador on a path toward civil war.

Mark of the Pterren is available as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Here is the link to the ebook on Amazon. Here is where to purchase the ebook for your Nook. And you can find the ebook on Smashwords here. The retail price — in any digital format — for this novel is $2.99.

Due to the significant length of this story, the paperback is much more expensive. Print-on-demand books get very pricey when they’re this long, because paper is super expensive. Unfortunately, that means the minimum list price set by CreateSpace for the paperback of Mark of the Pterren is $25.28. I’m really sorry this book costs so much to purchase in print. I don’t make a bigger royalty on each book sale, the premium cost is simply due to the page count of this book. If you are determined to buy Mark of the Pterren in paperback though, you can find the book on Amazon here.

Thanks all! This has been my biggest project to date. I am proud of it.